National Night Out, Tuesday August 4th 2015

National Night Out, Tuesday August 4th 2015


Dr. Albert Bean School Extended School Year Program

We had a great day today with the students and staff from the Dr. Albert Bean School Extended School Year Program.  SRO Rowello and Ptl. DiGiacomo visited the students at the school, registered their bicycles in the PHPD Bicycle Registration Program and displayed the PHPD Bicycle Unit equipment.  The group made their way to the Police Administration Building where they had a tour of the facility and met with staff including Police Clerks, Detectives and Chief Winters. 

After fielding some tough questions, Chief Winters promised K9 Duke would be visiting their school throughout the upcoming school year. 

Thank you to the staff of the Dr. Albert Bean School for making this event happen, great job!



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The Irish Pub Tour de Shore

On Sunday, July 20th members of Team Pine Hill had the honor of participating in the 28th Annual Irish Pub Children’s Foundation Tour de Shore.

The Irish Pub Tour de Shore is a 65 mile bike ride that began at 7:00am at the Irish Pub on Walnut Street in Philadelphia and continued through south Jersey, ending at the Irish Pub location in Atlantic City.

The Irish Pub Children’s Foundation is dedicated to raising money for the children in need and the families of fallen police and firefighters in the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area. Team Pine Hill helped the foundation raise over $820,000 this year. Please visit their website at

Great job and thank you to all of the event organizers, volunteers and support staff, It was a hot and humid day, but the individuals responsible for making this event a success were there every step of the way.

We look forward to and will be honored to ride next year in support of the loved ones of our fallen brothers and sisters.



Pine Hill Scout Reservation Day Camp!

A little rain yesterday didn’t dampen the good time at the Pine Hill Scout Reservation Day Camp!

Ptl. Raynore, Ptl. Heron & K9 Duke, and SRO Rowello had a great time with the Scouts and we look forward to next week.

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1st Annual Dog Walker Watch and Bicycle Safety Rodeo Event

Thank you to all of the residents who came out today for the 1st Dog Walker Watch and Bicycle Safety Rodeo event. Special thanks to the local businesses who helped make it a great day; Rita’s of Pine Hill, Pet Styles of Pine Hill, Caffeinated Cyclist of Pitman, Animal Welfare Association and the Camden County Animal Shelter.

Anyone who would like information regarding the PHPD Dog Walker Watch Program should contact Ptl. Heron at

Anyone who would like to register their bicycle with the PHPD Bike Registration Program should contact Ptl. Marino at .

All information is also available at the Police Administration Building located at 48 W. 6th Avenue or by calling 856-783-1549.


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New Jersey School Resource Officers Association’s Symposium

Ptl. DiGiacomo and SRO Rowello are attending the New Jersey School Resource Officers Association’s Symposium on School Safety. This two day training conference will emphasize a variety of topics such as Social Media and its effect on School Safety, Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation, and the School Based Threat Assessment.  These topics are being presented by nationally renowned instructors from organizations including the FBI, NJDOE and LAPD.


Both Officers were sent to the conference to interact with Officers from throughout the State of NJ and attend the training sessions with the purpose of improving the safety and security of our school district.


Community Connection

Thank you to all of the engaged residents of The Mansions community and to the always helpful Mansions management for a successful event last night at the Mansions Community Center.

We look forward to continuing the Community Connection Series of meetings in each neighborhood within the Borough.

Please contact Ptl. Phil Marino at or for additional information.



Home Asset DNA Marking News Conference – June 16, 2015

The Camden County Police Chiefs Association has partnered with Applied DNA Sciences in launching the DNA Home Asset Marking Program for residents throughout Camden County. The DNA Home Asset Marking Program enables home and business owners to mark property with a unique and invisible plant based DNA specific to the owner. The DNA mark on the property is easily identifiable by law enforcement utilizing ultraviolet light. The DNA mark is nearly impossible to remove. Homeowners who mark personal property with the plant based DNA are supplied signs and window decals warning would be intruders that their property is marked with plant based DNA.

Mosquito Commission spraying in the Borough Thursday, June 18th between 2:00am & 6:00am

The Camden County Mosquito Commission will be spraying in the following locations from 2:00am and 6:00am on Thursday, June 18, 2015 (weather permitting);

  • W Cloverdale Ave
  • W Woodburn Ave
  • W Clearview Ave
  • Daniels Ave
  • E 13th Ave
  • E 12th Ave
  • E 11th Ave
  • E 10th Ave
  • E 9th Ave
  • E 8th Ave
  • E 7th Ave
  • E 6th Ave
  • E 5th Ave
  • E 4th Ave
  • Wright Ave
  • Kayser Ave
  • Madison Ave
  • Monroe Ct
  • Washington Ave
  • Tyler Ln
  • Grant Ln
  • Ramblewood Dr
  • Franklin Ave     

This notice is simply a courtesy in the event you are contacted with inquiries by residents.  Should you have any general questions, you may contact the Mosquito Commission or refer the public to contact the Commission directly at 856-566-2945.

Should you have a need for to speak with someone at the Commission after hours, you may reach the Director of Environmental Affairs, Jack Sworaski, at 609-352-6438 via mobile phone.

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